Let’s Go Hiking!

I’m Paul, I’m somewhere near the middle of my life (I hope), and I’m a (re)born hiker.

I spent much of my youth footslogging through the woods, from eastern North Carolina, to the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. Somewhere along the way, I got distracted… by work, and kids, and life. And I forgot how much I loved the woods.

Then, not long ago, something amazing happened. The woods found me again, and filled an empty place in my soul.

So much has changed since I hiked in my youth… gear, clothing, technology, trails, technique. But the important parts are timeless… the silence of a dewy morning, the breathtaking vistas from high places, the solitude of walking alone, the aches of accomplishment after a long day on the trail.

I’m not planning to climb Everest, and I probably won’t do many fourteeners. But I’m going to walk some beautiful, interesting, challenging trails. And I’d like to share them with you as I go.

Come join me.