Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Segment 4 – Linville Gorge

By late December, after a couple of months of flatland hiking, I was suffering from mountain withdrawal. I needed an extended hike in the high country. Several days of unseasonably warm weather, the week before Christmas, presented an opportunity. Logistical constraints only left me with one real option: Mountains-to-Sea Trail Segment 4, and Linville Gorge.… More Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Segment 4 – Linville Gorge

Yellowstone: Bunsen Peak

My rowdy extended family of 9 (Me, Roberta, Jack, Viv, Viv’s boyfriend Dakota, Roberta’s sister Mary, Mary’s husband Mike, and their kids Matt and Katie) took an epic 10 day vacation to Colorado, Wyoming and Utah in July. While there, we spent a few days at Yellowstone, staying in Gardiner, MT. My personal primary objective… More Yellowstone: Bunsen Peak

Training for the AT

The Shuckstack hike ignited something inside of me. I wanted to hike more. A LOT more. I’ve never been one to set small, simple, normal goals. I get obsessed. And then I set really audacious, obsessive goals. That sometimes I stick with long enough to mostly achieve. See? I’m being honest here. So when you… More Training for the AT